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fuckin a [30 Aug 2007|08:54pm]
[ mood | FAT ]

This is my first time here and my first time to REALLY commit to being anorexic. so PLEASE i need you all to really help me out here. last night i went to my friends house and his mom was being all crazy and called me a fat whore. she wasnt joking around either. I came home and cried my eyes out. And then when I went to work today my manager Josh was being a dick to me and I started crying again. and then when i got home from work i cried some more. I know the "whore" part isnt true...I havent been with anybody in over 6 months. But the fat part, that is DEFFINETLY true. I used to be a size 3 jean, and now i'm a size fucking 7. I look at other girls that are sooo pretty and so skinny and it just tears me up because i used to be one of those girls. I dont know what happened but i gained soo much weight. Well, obviously i ate myself into an oblivion...THATS what happened. ugh.....somebody just fucking kill me now.


wow tonight was interesting [01 Dec 2005|01:02am]
[ mood | high ]

Last night...damn. Well we had a lil party and zac bruehlings, and it was a good time. And then at like 2 in the morning his grandma came upstairs and shes like EVERYBODY GET THE FUCK OUT!!.
She scared the shit out of me.
So then we went to jamies and she and jeff passed out, but me and sierra stayed up and drank beer and watched "sin city." thats a messed up movie...wow.

So tonight was...intersting. Well Ian picked me up and we went to his house for a while. On the way back to park falls, his car kept dropping tranny like a motherfucker. So we were like whatever it's probably just a gas leak or something. So he had a gas can in his car so he filled it up with gas. He started it, and we moved about 3 feet. Then it completley died. We were like fuck. So we're in the middle of fucking nowhere, and we decide that we're going to push the car on the side of the road, and then go walk and find someones house to use the phone. So we did, and we got to this guys house and we woke him up, lol and he was old and he looked scared shitless. So when we explained what happened, he was just like oh well u can use the phone so that was pretty much awesome. Then he started telling us these weird stories about when he was our age and how he was driving, wasn't really paying attention to the road, and he hit a HORSE! We were like ...woah.
So then Ians mom came and got us and she thought the whole thing was hilarious. yeaa...pretty funny.

Tomorrow i gotta work. fuck. i dont wanna. well i suppose i should get some sleep otherwise i wont wake up til fuckin 2.

1 so long and goodnight

[20 Nov 2005|09:42pm]
last night....damn.

well me and Adam went to go see harry potter 4 in phillips because i don't know we just decided to. We kept throwing starbursts at the little kids in front of us.

Ojibwa was sooooo much fun last night.
Ian, Marco, Louise, Toni...you guys fucking rock.
Next weekend,i can't wait :P
1 so long and goodnight

i wont ever be happy again... [17 Nov 2005|12:43am]
so yea latley i've been with my friends out of town. I met them through Ashley and Tori and their awesomely awesome =). Especially this one guy....yeah. I'm falling for him hard. We've been together every weekend since we met. It's great.
6 so long and goodnight

[01 Nov 2005|08:25pm]

we we're floating in ecstasy.

          please, see your bleeding heart burst on my shirt.


     so vulnerable. so spontaneous. so fearless.

so high.

   speeding. passing the trees in the darkness...so, so fast, in an intoxicated state.

        i can't see strait. it's so dark, but all i feel is light. i feel i could die tonight.....iloveit.

           Ian, you are beautiful. ♥



Summer has come and passed... [01 Sep 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Well today was the first day of school. My junior year. I'm not too worried about it though because I didn't take too many hard classes, I just have to try really hard to keep my grades up and not fail anything. Summer went by way too fast. So much has happened to me, though. Between the parties, boys, friends, road trips, sneaking out of my window, driving super fast in the middle of nowhere, getting lost trying to find a llama (had to be there), running from the cops, vandalising, the carnivals....I wish it wouldn't have ended so soon.

Now Winters on its way. And I hate it. I hate the cold, I hate snow, and I hate the fact that it seems to last forever. What I hate most, is that it reminds me of my first love. Last winter, I spent the whole time with Zach. It reminds me of how bad I was treated last winter, how upset I used to get, it just tears me up inside to reflect on that. I remember pain and blood and tears and bruises...and it overlooks any moment of happiness I may have had with him by far.

I hope this year goes by fast...

1 so long and goodnight

im not too sure how it feels to handle it everyday... [29 Aug 2005|08:02am]
[ mood | and depressed and pissed off ]

Blah. Well shits pretty much been the same lately. I'm still depressed, but it's not to the point where I won't leave the house anymore. I'm trying to be a little bit more outgoing again. But these past few days i've managed to add a few more tally marks on my wall of dissapointments. I don't want to get into detail, not because i'm affraid im going to end up putting fires out over some of the shit I say on here, but mostly because I don't really know how to explain it.  I can't say what it is in a few sentences. I've analyzed it so much I don't know what to think about it. I don't know how to feel about it. And I can't explain myself. I just know how it affects me, and I hate that. Everything I've ever been happy about, has disappointed me in some way. I don't know why this whole thing surprised me.

My love life is fuck all, because it doesn't exist. Well, it generally exists on my side, there's just not much love in return. Go figure. One my friends was talking with me about my self-esteem issues. Said I need to get some. Like there's an on/off switch. Well, there is, and unfortunately i'm not the one in control of it. Somedays it's there, somedays it's not. And I can honestly say that it just shut off about 72 hours ago. Ugh, jesus. I can't wait to leave Park Falls. For those that don't know me, even my closest friends have thought at one point or another that im completely insane, maybe I am. I struggled to find a comfortable spot in this existence... i'm still searching, and slowly resigning to the fact that I will never fit in, on, or around. Go me. I haven't been home in the last three days. I've been staying at Matt Kunerts house for a few days. That guys the shit, I get along with him really well. If I decide to do anything today, that's probably where i'll end up going.

I cant stop thinking about this dream I had the other day. I died. It was wonderful. I was dying and there were people around me. Everything was getting dark and the darkness was closing in on me. I was slowly going deeper and deeper into a cave of darkness. Kind of like falling into a black hole, only not. And I remember being so relaxed and somewhat releaved. I wanted to go, I wanted to stop the pain. Anyway I was dying alone while everyone else was watching. And then I remember seeing tears fall to the ground, and then I was awake (in my dream) all alone, with rain falling upon me, and visions of flashbacks of everything thats hurt me in the past few years, and it was my hell. I found it so interesting. The dream was probably drug induced, because I have no aerthly idea what it could have meant.

this is stupid im going to bed.

1 so long and goodnight

and i cant stand the pain.... [19 Aug 2005|02:55am]
[ mood | and angry ]

Oh my god. There's this pain. I think i've been stabbed. My heart has been ripped out of my chest. I haven't cried this hard in so long. I feel like i'm dying. I don't know whats wrong with me, I think it's everything. There's so much emotional trauma ..it hurts so bad. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm so sick of everything, so sick of wanting Jeff. When you've grown to the point where you can't hurt yourself anymore you must find someone to do it for you. He will always be that for me. The razor in my hand. Slicing here and there. And he doesn't know how much I care about him, he doesn't know and he doesn't care. I can't help this I can't help my feelings, I see myself in him and I know it just not right, its just not fucking right at all. I stayed in my room for a few days, I didn't come out even once. I didn't think anyone would really notice, until Jeff called me. He said that he hasn't heard from me in a while and he wanted to know what was up. I was happy to know he cares, but at the same time, it hurt to see him again. I don't know what to do, i'm losing my fucking mind.

Somebody get me out of here.I'm sick of this town, and most of the people in it. I have a lot of friends, but I don't have very many true friends.

And another thing, what the fuck is so fucking difficult about staying the fuck out of other people's buisness? Honestly, people need to just shut the fuck up. From now on if someone comes up to me and asks me about some fucking rumor I'm just gunna tell them to go the fuck away. I don't care about your life or your petty little problems. Stop trying to get me involved with every little fucking thing just leave me alone. Believe me, I have much better things to do with my life than to care what you're doing. Let the old bullshit fucking drop and quit trying to stir up new shit just for the hell of having enemies and something to talk about. It's sad and pathetic. Get a fucking life. Christ.

^^That wasn't directed towards anyone in particular, i'm just talking about that kind of shit in general.

Enough of this shit, i'm going to sleep.

4 so long and goodnight

my heart cant break if it wasn't even whole to start with... [16 Aug 2005|01:32am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I am so fucking aggrivated. Jeff and I broke up. Big surprise there. And you know, I thought he was the only one who wouldn't play me. I feel so stupid, so broken, so used and hurt...and yet, so strong. I've been hurt so much in my life, and every time i'm hurting, I always come out stronger in the long run. But this is the last time I will let myself be used. I don't need a guy fucking with my head, feeding me lie after lie after lie, just so I can discover the truth in the end and be hurt. I won't let myself give in to what some of the guys around here want from me. I wont be treated like a piece of shit, I won't let my feelings be ignored, and I won't show anyone how much I feel about them until I know for sure that I will get respect. I will play hard to get, and I will hide my emotions, and if someone cares enough about me, they'll hold on and prove to me that their not just looking for sex. That is when i'll let my feelings show.

These past few months I've learned a lot of things about life. To name a few:

  • You cannot make someone love you. You can only just hold on as tight as you can, and hope.
  • No matter how much I care, some people are just assholes.
  • You should never compare yourself to others ...they are more screwed up than you think.
  • The people you care about most in this world slip away from you, and the people you could give a fuck about just wont go away.
  • It takes a long time to build up trust, and in a split second, it can be destroyed.
  • My guitar is my boyfriend.
  • It's really, really fucking fun to hit Kellie Beiterwolf. (sorry, but I hate that bitch)

i'm done bitching.

5 so long and goodnight

[15 Aug 2005|03:58am]

i spent my whole life in love with despair......

    .....kept my lungs filled with the breath of their mute atmosphere.

i became what i hate.   

to defy the lies, to never compromise.

no. today.....my name......is pain.

I stood beyond the world
Whispering secret syllables in the eyeless dark.....

Dancing wildly
Round and round on the rotting ground
...............Surrounded by the dead dusts of hell.

This is how I delete myself
And this is how I corrupt
Everyone else.

"You are not unique!
You do not need to think!"

you succumb so nicely....like an insect staring back
like a dying dove.

I wasn't there.
I'm not involved.
I'm innocent.
It's not my fault my love.......

my love.

this isn't real......this cant be real........

its not happening.
its not happening.
its not happening.

1 so long and goodnight

come and wipe all of my tears... [13 Aug 2005|08:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

Well, i'm not single anymore bitches! I'm soO effing happy :).

I <3 you Jeff!


...before I forget..

To all these other little bitches that want him, these freshmen and shit [you know who you are]

... you aint got shit on me.

so fuck off. cause if you wanna start a fight, you're going to lose. Have a nice day :).

[and i'm going to laugh when you get your ass's kicked once you get to highschool. Believe me, the way you're going, you don't stand a chance.]


3 so long and goodnight

i look into the mirror....a whore is all i see. [06 Aug 2005|03:52am]
[ mood | drunk ]

Okay, there's been a lot of shit going on latley...I think i'm starting to become even more drug dependant than what I was before.

  • The person I really, really liked, could have been just using me this whole time because he thinks he might go out with this other chick. So that basically was just a slap in the face, I mean how stupid of me to think that he could actually like me.  And no, I'm not talking about Ted i'm talking about Bobby.
  • Ted could fall of the end of the earth and I probly wouldn't even care.
  • Gary is back in PF till the 10th so that's another thing I have to worry about. When he's around me its like I can't even talk to anyone else anymore or i'm automatically having sex with them.
  • Zach Kundinger is a stupid ugly jerk who thinks that I'm still in love with him when really I want to fucking kill the kid. He's telling people i'm "Stalking" him. Bitch, puhleez, I have better things to do then follow your ass around. Besides, it's not like you have any friends to go out of your apartment and see anyways. Faggot.
  • I've been spending the majority of my time at flambeau-rama talking to a Carni named Russel.
  • Tonight was just one of those nights where I just wanted to go somewhere, hook up with some random guy and just get all fucked up and screw. Not that i'd actually do something like that, but it sounded like a good idea. Instead I went to a bar (feits), let a bunch of boys buy me drinks, got all shit faced and made out with a hot guy from phillips. Fun times.

i'm going to go to bed i'm still drunk and i'm tired peace!

2 so long and goodnight

so give me all your poison, and give me all your pills..... [28 Jul 2005|02:21am]
[ mood | stressed ]

Omg my life is so crazy right now. Let's see here, here's a list of all the bullshit going on in kristinas life:

  • Bobby came over to my house this morning. I swear to god I love that guy. He called in to his work and said he'd be a few hours late, made up some excuse and told them he was stuck in minoqua, just so he could spend more time with me this morning. How effing shweet is that? But anyway, when he was over someone kinda walked in on us, and told someone else about what we were doing, so now the person he told is mad at me.
  • Which brings me to something else. This one guy, I really like him, and he claims he really likes me, too. So I thought everything was gunna turn out just fine and dandy until I found out that he's been saying the same things he's said to me to other people. I don't know what to believe anymore, I am so sick of this drama I basically want to just crawl up in a corner and rot.
  • Tonight at citgo. ho.ly.shit. One of my friends beat the fuck out of some guy that I really cannot stand whatsoever, and the cops were called and blah blah so now the guy that got his ass kicked is in the hospital, and the guy that kicked his ass is probably in a lot of trouble.
  • One of my friends broke up with his girlfriend for some reason I really don't know why but it's not really my buisness, and now they want to go out with me. Sooooo, I don't know what to do there, I don't think I should worry about it too much cause I know I gotta do what I gotta do and if someone else has a problem with it, then it's basically their problem. I just don't want anyone to get hurt, I don't want to let anyone down, but that's pretty much impossible.
  • My ex-boyfriend is a jerk. He thinks i'm out to ruin his life and I'm really not. I've been really nice to him, i'm trying to hook him up with one of my friends that he really likes, I've been nicer to him (which, when you look at the situation, I should be a total bitch to him) than I have to anybody all fucking day and he's just pissing me off he's acting like i'm his "psycho ex" or whatever and all I really want is for us to be cool. I mean we've been through sooo much together and I know a relationship just isn't gunna work for us but he's still a nice guy and I don't want our friendship to end just because we broke up. I feel totally comfortable around kundinger even though he was my first love, there just isn't any more 'sexual tension' between us because I've gotten passed that. I've moved on, but I don't know if he feels the same way.
  • There's rumors flying around town that I made out with this chick and I didn't even make out with her. I mean if I did I wouldn't lie about it i'd be like yeah whatever but it bugs me when people just up and decide to start something, just whip some crazy story out of their ass and decide to tell everyone they come in contact with this big bullshit story. I swear to god I miss it in providence. Around there, if someone has a problem with someone they just fucking come up to their face and say it. Around here there's all this "talking behind people's back" shit and hoping the word gets around, and then when somebody FINALLY has the balls to comfront someone about it they just deny everything. It's so pathetic.

I think I should try screaming into a pillow or something. I heard that sometimes helps release anger. But i'm not really angry, i'm just overwhelmed I guess, or however the fuck you spell it. But yeah, my life is crazy. somebody shoot me!!!!


3 so long and goodnight

[24 Jul 2005|01:59am]
[ mood | and torn ]

I need some serious advice here. I feel like an idiot and I don't know what to do. Gary pisses me off so much cause we aren't going out and he's putting these rediculous limits on me. Sometimes I swear to god I just want to smack him. He's always yelling at me and bitching about something and puts this guilt trip on me saying that he's going to fucking kill himself and all this shit and I just don't know how much more of it I can take. But at the same time, I think i'm falling for him. There's this other side to Gary that I just love. He can be such a sweetheart sometimes and he loves me because of who I am, not what I look like. All these guys have asked me out since me and Zach broke up, and I know for a fact that all they want from me is a piece of ass. Tonight, me and gary were sitting on the benches behind st. a's and I told him about all 8 people that have asked me out since me and gary started seeing each other and he tells me "you're very beautiful, guys look at you and think 'dayum whose that', but they overlook who you really are. I love you because of who you are, not what you look like." I swear to god that's probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, and I know he meant it. 

And then there's him, the one guy who has for some reason never brought me down, never said anything that's pissed me off or anything and is just one of the greatest guys I've ever met. We get along so well and I swear he's just perfect for me. Everything that I have ever wanted in a guy, I see in him. He's so nice and funny and drop dead georgous and I can't wait until monday when we are gonna hang out. He called me today, and when I saw the number on the caller ID I swear I just about died right then and there. He said that he couldn't do anything this weekend but monday he doesn't work so he's going to come over. I don't know why I don't reveal his name on lj, there used to be a reason but there isn't anymore. It's Bobby Nichols.

I am torn between these two guys. I have deep feelings for both of them and I can't decide. Gary is moving back up to park falls, which doesn't make my decision any easier. But my dad cannot stand Gary at all and doesn't even want me talking to the guy, let alone going out with him. My dad doesn't really know Bobby, but as far as I know he doesn't have a problem with him. He lets me hang out with him and shit, so whatever. I don't know what to do. This is one of the most fucked up situations i've been in in a while. So anyone who reads this (*tumble weeds roll by*) it would be great if you could reply and give me some advice, I could really use it. Peace!

9 so long and goodnight

[23 Jul 2005|03:38am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Wow tonight was insane. Me, adam, chealyn, tiffany, james, and ted all got in teds car to go see a llama. His cars only supposed to hold 4 people so i'm surprised we didn't get pulled over. Then we all kept getting these creepy fucking "private caller" phone calls and it was this person with a creepy fucking voice asking us where we were and what we were doing and shit. And they talked in this really deep voice, like the guy from scary movie. So it's obviously someone from park falls doing it cause they called a bunch of us. Fucking retards.
Anyway, i'm getting kind of pissed off at Gary. He just, I don't know, he doesn't get it. We aren't going out, but he treats me like i'm his girlfriend. He gets soo pissed when other guys try hitting on me and shit, and he gets pissed when I flirt with other guys. Like last night at citgo, josh (lunchbox) wanted my phone number and shit, so I gave it to him and he kept flirting with me and stuff, and Gary was there too and he got all fuckin pissed off and walked away. And then today Ted and me were kinda flirting and stuff and he wants me to come over tomorrow, and Gary got all fuckin pissed then too. He even gets pissed when guys talk to me, not even flirting just talking. That's fucked up. He's even trippin about jeff and steven and beaner and just everybody that's a guy that I'm friends with. I don't know what to do about him anymore.
Anyway, I have some fucking great news. He, the guy that I wasn't supposed to talk to ever cause his parents hate me, the one that I really really liked for a while, talked to me today. I saw him at citgo and he stopped and talked to me for a little bit, and then I met up with him at the lanes. Good times. Yeah, seeing him again pretty much reminded me of why I liked him in the first place. Wow he's georgous. He's got these new contacts now, they are soo awesome. They are blue...like really light blue with red around them. I told him they make him look like a zombie. He said that he's scared a bunch of little kids with them, that's hilarious. So he says he wants to do something with me this weekend, cause now he has a car and he basically can go wherever and his parents won't know about it. I'm. So. Happy. So hopefully i'll see him this weekend :).

Bruehling called me today. He wanted me to come up to phillips with him, but he said he wouldn't be able to get a a ride back so i'd basically have to stay the night. My dad would totally not let that one slide. Plus, could he have made it any more obvious that all he wanted from me was a piece of ass? I mean come on now, this is coming from bruehling. He's tried soo many times since we broke up to get me to go back out with him or get me to sleep with him, and I just won't do it. He fucked up, why should I go back to him? And why should I give in and give him what he truly wants from me for that matter? Fuck him. We can be friends if he wants to, but strictly friends.

well i gotta go i'm tired and if im going to teds tomorrow i gotta go to sleep now or i'm just not even gunna wake up tomorrow lol. Peace!

6 so long and goodnight

can i swallow this bottle whole, so this brain in my head can forget your face? [21 Jul 2005|12:49am]
[ mood | crushed ]

I can't believe I honestly thought you might have some decentcy in you. Look at what you've done to me. You don't just come to my house, tell me you love me, "mess around" with me (which by the way, i'm just flattered by the way you put it), and THEN tell me you think you're interested in someone else. I mean what. the. fuck? Do you expect me to be like "Oh, good for you i hope everything works out for you guys" after what you did? Am I not supposed to have any feelings whatsoever? Do you think you can just walk all over me and use me for a piece of ass? Because you can't. I'm not a slut. I don't have sex just to have sex, I've only done it with people I have deep feelings for. Set aside from the few times i've been drunk, but I mean that's happened to just about everyone. YOU should be ashamed of yourself. I'm sorry but you've hurt me for the last time. I will not let myself go through your bullshit anymore. You've hurt me so much, both physically and mentally, and I just cannot take it anymore. Call me a bitch, say i'm over-reacting, I really don't care...because I won't forget you were the one that was wrong. It's your loss, and you'll realize it sooner or later. Have a nice fucking life, asshole. I'm done with you.

12 so long and goodnight

well its love, make it hurt [14 Jul 2005|08:33pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Well, I've been back in park falls for about 4 days now and I've already managed to get myself grounded. Go me!! I'm only grounded for a few more hours though, so whatever. I've been spending a lot of time with Zach latley. I <3 him. I spent the night at his house the day I got back from RI. We hung out with Mandi and Chris. Good times.
I miss Kacey. She's in Phillips right now cause she has to live with her grandma until she "learns to control herself" or some shit. Her parents are just retarded, but whatever, I <3 her. Tuesday night was a blast. Went to a party and got all fucked up.
Yesterday I spent the whole day with Gary. He got out of jail recently so I didn't see him for 11 months. Thats why I got grounded, cause I forgot to check in with dad at 9. Otherwise I coulda been out for the rest of the night, cause I don't have a cerfew =P. Last night I was on the phone with Gary till like 5 in the morning. He came over this morning when my parents were at work ;).
Tonight I'm going to Garys and then To Zach's at like 1 in the morning. I can't wait till a few more hours. Peace.


howdy [10 Jul 2005|02:13am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Yeah so I have to get on a plain in a few hours to go back to Park Falls. Yay me. As you can tell i'm just oh so fucking happy about it. My brother is awake too...he is watching the same rerun of the same show that he watched about 2 hours ago. I hate television. I had a really good time while I was here, it sucks to have to leave so soon. But like I said before I miss my friends, one in particular that I cant stop thinking about. He was the number one thing on my mind ever since I've been here. Can't wait to see him again. My dad didn't want me to come home at first...he started yelling at me about how I can't ever get along with anybody and he said that he likes his life without me around screwing everything up. How uplifting is that? It's not that i'm uncapable of getting along with him, I can get along with him just fine, it's my stepmom that I would like to see sitting in a metal chair hooked up to a heating system that gets hotter and hotter by the second until she eventually decapatates. I haven't harbored this much hate for anyone in my entire life. I wont get into detail about why I hate her so much because there's about 74832743856276737239432432743829785972897582 reasons why and I'd be here forever. But i'm going to go because I'm out of things to talk about. Peace!

2 so long and goodnight

and i thought that i found myself today and i thought that i had control.... [05 Jul 2005|01:39pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Okay so people have been telling me that I need to update this more often so yeah. Right now i'm in Rhode Island. My mom wanted me to stay another week rather than just one so whatever. Plus, it's good to be away from PF for a while...at least there's shit to do here. I miss my friends though, so that sucks. But anyway, I'm so happy I got a tan. Go me! Well actually, it was more like a really bad sunburn that hurt like hell, but then it turned into a tan. Yesterday I went to my ant Sharen's house and it was hot as hell outside so me and my cousin katie went in the pool. Katie's like a year older than me, I think. She's changed a bit since the last time I saw her. Now she doesn't have blonde hair anymore, it's black. Like jet black...I think she looked better blonde but whatever.
The other day we went to the beach and there was this really, REALLY cute boy that kept staring at me and shit. So we kept looking at each other and smiling and whatever and then he came over and talked to me. I got all excited when he was walking over towrads me, but then when he spoke I realized that he spoke spanish. Great. Just wonderful. A hot guy comes over and talks to me, and he speaks a language that I don't know. Well I know some spanish but not much. But it's a good thing he knew some english, otherwise I would have been totally lost. But anyway, he was tall and muscular, he had dark skin and he had a big tattoo of a pot leaf on his back. That was sweet. He wanted me to go for a ride with him in his car and smoke some, and when we were leaving my brother coems running up to me and he's like "mom says we have to go now." I asked my mom why she said that when we were on our way home and she's like "well because I got paraniod about you leaving with him, you don't know him, what if he was a rapist or something." I guess she's got a point there. But I highly doubt that that was the case. But yeah i'm going to go passions is almost on and I haven't watched it in a few days so I don't know what's going on anymore. Peace!


[23 Jun 2005|12:51pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I have been soO busy latley. And now I have the hangover from hell. I got so fuckin drunk last night, wow. Saturday I go to Rhode Island. That is going to be fun. Peace.


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